ISN Gatekeeper & Visitor Screening Software

The fastest and easiest visitor screening software available

The ISN Gatekeeper visitor screening is a touch screen application for processing visitors. Its intuitive interface is fast to use and easy to learn. Pre-approved visitors are quickly displayed and logged. The ISN Gatekeeper & visitor screening softwares combines voicemail, photo recording & driver’s license scanning. It speed dial residents phones when unannounced visitors arrive or notify residents via text or email when an authorized guest has been cleared.

Main displays include visitor search, vehicle, and pedestrian access. Available for desktops, laptops, and tablets.

  • Manage your visitors from the Website or the App
  • You can also simply Text-a-Guest directly to your list
  • Can notify residents via text or email when a guest has been cleared
  • Option to grab a picture of the driver and the vehicle license plate
  • Gate can be opened automatically when the visitor is logged
  • Can read the barcodes printed on the guests’ invitations from the website or from passes
  • Remote screening available with audio, video, printing passes and gate opening
  • Unique Integrated Software Package
  • Intuitive touchscreen operation
  • 1-minute guard training
  • Combines voice-mail, photo recording, and driver’s license scanning
  • Speed dial residents phones when unannounced visitors arrive
  • Dual printer capability offers flexible pass printing from small thermal to color page
  • Allows for temporary residents such as time-shares and renters

Voicemail Systems

  • Pre-clear visitors & vendors
  • Residents call an automated phone number that prompts the user to speak the name of an intended visitor.
  • The message is sorted to the page the guard sees when performing a search for approved guests.
  • The audio file is played and the visitor logged in.
  • Messages can be played for certain dates.
  • May be configured to ask a PIN # for allowing access
  • Cloud Based system offers unlimited lines and does not require the use of a local modem

Visitor Arrival Notification

Be immediately aware of your visitors and vendors arrivals with instant notification.

  • Receive a notification once your guest or vendor has arrived

  • You can set up email and/or mobile notifications.
  • Notification options are available in the resident website or app

Photo Link System

ISN merges video records into your security database.

As visitors, residents, or employees pass a gate or door, and their individual information is documented. This information is recorded with a timestamp as access is granted. It is then electronically linked to the cameras oriented to that event. A standard reference picture can be manually added to the database, or the system is capable of automatically capturing an image the first time access is granted. It is then made available for comparison to the recent video. This automatic link between video and data puts the information security needs all in one place.

With the Report Engine, all data can be quickly and easily accessed. When an individual or event is identified, the system will sort and compile like events. By displaying logged access together with video evidence, this powerful tool puts all the right information into the hands of security.

Because it can be sorted and retrieved using a wide variety of criteria, it provides the ability to build a history or case study and thereby empowers those who keep you safe and protect your privacy.

Incident Reporting & Dispatch

The Dispatch module allows guard to quickly and easily create a new case with customizable fields

  • Send daily information to your access control committee or share updates to the next shift.
  • The Admin software allows you to enter additional details and attach pictures.
  • The Reporting module can create statistical data to share.
  • Sheriff look alike Report is always helpful when sharing information with Law Enforcement entities.
  • Embedded spell check creates professional look and feel to your reports

Guard App

Scan drivers license & barcode scanner to securely ID guests

  • Guards can meet guests at their car
  • The first product loads all account information on an administrator device, so residents and their info are at hand to be easily called or contacted by text.
  • The second option loads the GateKeeper Visitor Screening database and logs the guest via a WiFi connection in the gatehouse. The Secure Scan snap-on option provides mag stripe Driver’s License scanning and barcodes off invitations or passes.
  • Meet the guests at their car
  • Saves time by calling or texting residents directly from the iPhone
  • Long range (over 500 feet with Wifi)
  • Easy Integration with current system
  • Search & match guest against your main database
  • Can be used as a backup or an extension
  • Can monitor your database in real-time

License Plate Reader Automated Screening

Increase both security and speed with the efficient use of the latest technology

System Overview:

  • When a vehicle comes to the gate, the license plate is read and visitor information is gathered
  • Previous visits: driver, date, time, person visited, previous face picture
  • Allows officer to greet visitors “on a first name basis”
  • Speeds up visitor processing
  • Visitors can be waved through and still logged
  • Quick access to regular visitor screening features

Driver License Scanner

Fastest Scanner, will search the database for previous entries and document the new visitor.
Available for the Kiosk, the Remote guard and desktop in the gatehouse.

  • Positively identifies the Visitors

  • Takes the picture of the front and scans the barcode in the back

  • Extract the face to be printed on the passes or appear in the database

  • Stores in the visitor profile for display to the guard

  • Stores in the visitor profile for display to the guard

  • Kiosk scanners do not swallow the ID card

  • The visitor just places it on the scanner’s glass

  • Searches the database for previous visits, assigns and logs the access

  • When new, will speed up processing by extracting the data

  • Enhance greatly the security of your premises

Driver License Scanner