About ISN

International Security Networks

International Security Networks, is a leading manufacturer of complete security solutions.

More than 20 years of successful experience helping security professionals to provide superior service for discerning clients. ISN uses the latest technology as it is proven reliable and effective for your security. We see our clients as partners and our best source of ideas.

Our security suite allows you to start with one module and expand to the industry's most complete system.

Our three primary products are GateKeeper, visitor screening software, RFID AVI, for hands free vehicle access, and specialty video applications such as, Traffic Hawk for vehicle speed monitoring and enforcement or License Plate Readers for access control.

Our systems are Fast and Easy to operate. GateKeeper, visitor screening software, is our first business. There are many options that can be added to a system to help make a property more secure or to make it more convenient for residents and Administration to interface with Security. All options can be included in the initial system or added should situations warrant the improvement.

We have a line of passive RFID readers and tags that have great performance at a reasonable price. Our Traffic Hawk automated speed enforcement device is in use by guard companies and communities.

International Security Networks


International Security Networks is headquartered in beautiful Singer Island, Florida (Palm Beach County).

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Created in 2000, ISN has rapidly developed in Florida, Central America, and Europe. Later our unique technology and outstanding customer service have allowed for rapid growth. ISN is now proud to provide security for more than 400 gated communities in the US.

Our design was based on simplicity and efficiency. Using simple interfaces such as Touch screen technologies and License Plate recognition, customers multiplied and the team grew with more technicians and more capabilities.

Integration of Visitors and Access Control in a single interface in 2004, Photo ID in 2006, 

Traffic hawk (Portable Video Radar) in 2008, RFID Readers in 2009, Smart Kiosks in 2014, Migration to a Cloud Based solution in 2016, Speed Signs in 2020.

We are looking at the future with renewed optimism having the best suite in our industry built around a strong team of 16 employees.

ISN had become the preferred choice of security-conscious organizations such as financial and educational institutions, gated communities, corporate headquarters, police departments, educational, correctional & manufacturing facilities.