Frequently Asked Questions

This section was created so you can find here most answers to some of your questions. But do not hesitate to contact us, our personnel, we are glad to assist you.

  • Help from Palm-Beach Office: Software, Video, and Internet-related Issues
  • Help from Naples Office: Access Control, Gates, and Monitoring Station issues.
It’s so easy that often times we find that the attendants have figured out how to operate the system before training.

No, our software does not require touchscreen- it works fine with mouse and keyboard operations. Touchscreen compatibility is the speed of process function that allows personnel to operate more quickly in a speed intensive environment.

Our software is designed for use with Microsoft Windows as the operating system. All software works with Windows 2000 and Windows XP. Most of our software works with Windows98/ME, but our newer software is not being designed for the use of these older Windows versions. We have tested our software on Linux based windows emulators and have not had any problems operating our software, but there are many versions of Linux based software and cannot guarantee operations on those platforms.

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The system recognizes your phone number via caller ID, thus bypassing the user code and pin functions.

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When calling in from a phone other than your designated home number, you will be prompted to enter your code and pin number for access.

Easy, ISN Webeye Digital Video Systems can easily accomplish this.

Yes, ISN has a comprehensive software package that integrates Visitor Screening, Access Control, and Voice Messaging from 1 Administration Program that runs on your windows pc.