Technologies Mastered

At ISN, we track the latest technologies and put them to work for you so you may improve security and efficiency while saving money. Our customers can attest to how we deter theft, reduce yearly payroll, track perpetrators of damages, and produce solid evidence of events.

While keeping up to date our legacy desktop software suite, we have migrated to the cloud.

Cloud and Internet Access

We are using Google Cloud Platform (GCP) for customer interest to have a cloud based system and local deployment for customers interested in a local network server. GCP offers a lot of flexibility in terms of security, performance and data redundancy and backup.

We work with SSL certificates for all websites published in both environments and we support 3 encryption methods (RSA, DES3, AES) for Single Sign On from third party systems. We are also offering local server hosting.


Our main database manager to store and secure customer data is Postgres which is a very secure and flexible SQL database manager, we use a google cloud version of Postgres for cloud installations and a Postgres local instance for local installations. In both cases Postgres offers backup and replicas options for redundancy.

We also use firebase databases for configurations for the mobile app and data cache for devices in general. This data is accessible using RSA encryption keys for applications.

Our History

Created in 2000, ISN has rapidly developed in Florida, Central America, and Europe. Later our unique technology and outstanding customer service have allowed for rapid growth. ISN is now proud to provide security for more than 400 gated communities in the US.

Our design was based on simplicity and efficiency. Using simple interfaces such as Touch screen technologies and License Plate recognition, customers multiplied and the team grew with more technicians and more capabilities.

Integration of Visitors and Access Control in a single interface in 2004, Photo ID in 2006,

Traffic hawk (Portable Video Radar) in 2008, RFID Readers in 2009, Smart Kiosks in 2014, Migration to a Cloud Based solution in 2016, Speed Signs in 2020.

We are looking at the future with renewed optimism having the best suite in our industry built around a strong team of 16 employees.

ISN had become the preferred choice of security-conscious organizations such as financial and educational institutions, gated communities, corporate headquarters, police departments, educational, correctional & manufacturing facilities.