Technologies Mastered

At ISN, we track the latest technologies and put them to work for you so you may improve security and efficiency while saving money. Our customers can attest to how we deter theft, reduce yearly payroll, track perpetrators of damages, and produce solid evidence of events.

While keeping up to date our legacy desktop software suite, we have migrated to the cloud.

Cloud and Internet Access

We are using Google Cloud Platform (GCP) for customer interest to have a cloud based system and local deployment for customers interested in a local network server. GCP offers a lot of flexibility in terms of security, performance and data redundancy and backup.

We work with SSL certificates for all websites published in both environments and we support 3 encryption methods (RSA, DES3, AES) for Single Sign On from third party systems. We are also offering local server hosting.


Our main database manager to store and secure customer data is Postgres which is a very secure and flexible SQL database manager, we use a google cloud version of Postgres for cloud installations and a Postgres local instance for local installations. In both cases Postgres offers backup and replicas options for redundancy.

We also use firebase databases for configurations for the mobile app and data cache for devices in general. This data is accessible using RSA encryption keys for applications.


International Security Networks

Allows new security officers to get started almost instantly. Our knowledge of the internet, servers, and databases, as well as many file formats, allows us to import, export, and transfer data from many different devices and media.

Using IP or Analog Cameras. From 1 to 300 cameras, from stand alone boxes in the field to complex server rooms, we can provide you with the latest technology. Check out our line of Video IP technology with our suite of 7 different softwares.

Allows us to capture video frames from a distant object and save hard drive space, alerting guards of an intruder. You can select object sizes, sensitivity, multiple zones per camera. Advanced motion detection includes the direction of travel good for hallways and marinas. We can also detect if someone stops instead of continues to move well for traffic and by-passers

With caller ID recognition allows us to not only store a resident call in the right mailbox but also to distribute it at the other gates. Calls can be uploaded to the internet for remote viewing. This process is almost instantaneous due to the use of the mp3 format.

May be used to grant software access or regulate the time clock system.

Up to 125 mph in the dark or hazy conditions for Traffic Management or Law Enforcement Applications. Our system will search the local database or query remote databases, depending on your needs and credentials.

We have installed HID, ACTIVETAGS, AWID, WAVETREND, TRANSCORE, AMTECH, SECURAKEY, BALOGH, SECUREPASS, VIP PASS. Their range varies from a few inches to 100 feet, tell us what you need.

Will accommodate existing network communication and will not slow you down. ISN specializes in using small files whenever possible instead of the constant streaming of data.

Are used to send data, video, and voice to remote locations several miles away. Repeaters may also be used when the line of site is not possible.

Allows remote communication to access control, video, or visitor screening system in conjunction with solar power.

Will bring VOICE AND VIDEO from multiple sites into one central location. This is perfect for those who want to monitor businesses or develop video monitoring.