The ISN Automatic Vehicle Identification System is composed of two parts. The UHF Integrated Long Range Reader and a wide range of RFID Tags.

Automatic Vehicle Identification

  • Breakthrough third-generation price/performance value
  • Adjustable range from 15 to 40 feet

  • Sticker-like tag, 1″ x 4″, goes inside your windshield
  • Can be customized with the colors or the logo of your community

Types of RFID Tags

  • Residents using a rental vehicle can use RFID tags to be processed automatically
  • RFID cards can be issued to visitors, and their photo assigned, with a category and an expiration date
  • When returning, the picture, name, and category is automatically displayed for the officer to verify the ID of the person and grant access inside your windshield
  • Passes can be used to log each person in a vehicle
  • Each individual can be checked or added on the fly with the driver license
  • Portable reader could be installed in the rover vehicle to verify the vehicles or people on property
  • A virtual gate can be installed to register every tag holder
  • When a person is accessing the secure area without a tag, an alert is sent to security with the picture of the trespasser

Long range reliable RFID System

UHF Integrated Long Range Reader

ISN is now providing a third-generation RFID technology boasting high-speed performance and extended read range, presenting an ideal solution for vehicle access to your property.

With a reading distance of 40 feet, the ISN Automatic Vehicle Identification System dramatically enhances the security and speed at your community point of entry at an affordable cost.

Our robust UHF Integrated Long Range Reader features best-in-class air interface performance.

  • Non-Removable

  • Highly Encrypted

  • Non Duplicable

  • Automatic Manufacturers Tags Filtering
  • Multiple Formats
  • EasyInstall: Do not need to run the Wiegand Wires across the road
  • Having no signal wires in the ground, it reduces exposure surges
  • Embedded Control Panel
  • Industry Standard Technology
  • Anti Passback
  • Single Output Per Read
  • Wifi Remote Relay Available
  • Can read multiple Tag formats simultaneously
  • Full Integration with ISN Software suite

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