Video Radar

ISN Traffic Hawk Video System

Improve Safety With Speed Enforcement

The ISN Traffic Hawk Video System ensures the safety of your community with the ultimate unmanned video traffic enforcement system.

  • The Traffic Hawk is a speed radar unit with high-resolution video
  • Internal battery allows for 3-4 hours of operation, the external battery allows for days of operation
  • Data is saved locally or can be transmitted real time over WiFi or 3G/4G
  • Each speed event is bookmarked for easy review
  • Optional GPS tracking can alert you when the unit is moved
  • Stop sign mode will record a movie showing stop sign runners
International Security Networks
  • Fixed, portable and night-time versions are available
  • Enforces your community speed limits, regulate traffic
  • Does not require extra manpower
  • May generate additional revenue to your community
  • Avoids unhappy confrontation between speeders and security personnel
  • Violations are processed within your community avoiding insurance premium increase, court appearance, or points on your driver license
Solar Traffic Speed Sign20
*New Product*

Solar Powered

  • Logs transactions locally and on the web
  • Easy to install
  • Works until battery is depleted
  • Automatic restart with sunlight
  • Optional Plugin
  • Real Time monitoring
  • Connects to community WIFI
  • Full Integration with ISN Software suite

Traffic Hawk: Operation Manual

Traffic Hawk: Remote Video

Traffic Hawk: Playback Software

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