ISN Smart Kiosk

ISN Smart Kiosk

What for?

  • Secure Self Check-in
  • For unmanned gates as a Secure upgrade to tele-entry systems
  • Replace the guard during the night shift
  • At the back gate


  • QR and 2D Barcode Scanner reads from phone or pass
  • Resident can send passes via email
  • Motion Sensor to greet visitors
  • Single entry
  • Time zones are per hour
  • Data is encrypted

Remote Visitor Screening

  • The guard can be enabled to remotely scan the Driver License
  • Residents will be able to add their own guests from the website
  • They can print or email passes to their visitors


  • 8x8x54" Powder-coated aluminum column
  • Bolted on a cement pad, with no visible cables

Full Integration with ISN Software suite

  • Gatekeeper Remote Guard screening station
  • The Driver License scan will automatically fill the proper fields
  • Resident Website to add, edit, and remove guests. Send invitations, create party lists
  • As soon as a Pass is issued at the main gate, it will be valid at the remote gate
  • Database manager to issue credentials to contractors, vendors, members
  • Report engine to search logs and filter by date, time, visitor, resident etc.


  • Vandal Resistant
  • Advanced Control Panel for reading letters and numbers
  • Read driver License and query the database for automated entry
  • Records Face, overview and tag of every visitor
  • Interactive video virtual assistant
  • Analog or VOIP call box
  • For more information visit or call
    (561) 863-8900

Download ISN Smart Kiosk Manual