iPhone Gate Extender

iPhone Gate Extender

Scan Drivers License & Barcode Scanner to Securely ID Guests | For iPhone & iPod

ISN has just released new software for the iPhone and iPod touch.

  • The first product loads all account information on an administers device, so residents and their info are at hand to be easily called or contacted by text.
  • The second option loads the GateKeeper Visitor Screening database and logs the guest via a WiFi connection in the gatehouse. The Secure Scan snap-on option provides mag stripe Driver's License scanning and barcodes off invitations or passes.
International Security Networks

This affordable and versatile snap-on allows you to:

  • Meet the guests at their car
  • Saves time by calling or texting residents directly from the iPhone
  • Long range (over 500 feet with Wifi)
  • Easy Integration with current system
  • Has a 500 feet range (Wifi)
  • Search & match guest against your main database
  • Can be used as a backup or an extension
  • Works on iPhone 4, 4S or iPod Touch
  • Can monitor your database in real-time