Alarm Management

Alarm Management Software

ISN Automated Management Software provides improved control and response to alarms

A second alarm is sent from the house or office to an alarm receiver at the gatehouse. Alarm monitoring software will call the resident immediately and automatically display the pictures of the persons visiting or anything related to that unit.

When using our Alarm Management module, as soon as an alarm is received, our software springs into action:

International Security Networks
  • An audio and visual alarm sounds, The software recognizes the account and auto-dials the resident’s phone number stored in the GateKeeper database.
  • A large red box is displayed with the resident’s name being called and an alarm sound alerts the guards.
  • A record is created with the date, time, alarm type, resident’s name, password and disposition.
  • After the guard handles the alarm, he adjusts the disposition accordingly (Police Dispatched, Test, etc.). Otherwise, it remains as NEW, as a reminder to the guard that this alarm still needs to be handled.